Backtaxi additional Options for ATC

Could you please add an additional command to the Backtaxi section?:
TestFlight, Backtaxi runway xx,Exit, Hold short Runway xx…

For example at London City , if you send multible aircraft to the end of the runway its suboptimal that you just can say line up and wait to the first in line, to the rest the contact ground when off…
First off all i dont want them to contact ground (ok, nobody does it anyway:), secondly would made the flow easier…



there is this one option, backtaxi runway xx, contact ground when off the runway or something like that

He said he doesn’t want that.

I’ve been told to contact ground and then stay on my frequency. I guess that works.

“Speedbird 4, Back taxi runway 27, exit runway to the right remain this frequency” ? Like that

No. Like this:

Yea, that works, but we all know on heavy trafic every click you dont have to do is a good one😁
It would just make things more simple if we had this extra option…in my opinion…

I know what you mean. London City is often unrealistically busy.


True that… And its not only on ground…pattern also , inbound
makes it hard

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