?"Backround to the photos"?

Hello fellow airmen. Can anyone explain to me what is meant by the “Backround to the photos” in the screenshots topic please ? It’s the first of the three point that should be filled in along with “flight details” and photos. What do I have to write there ? What do I have to mention ?

Thank you, good day


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Like flight information your route, aircraft, flight time etc

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I normally just put where I am. Then the rest of the data like @Canadian_Aviator mentioned.

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Hey Michael!

I am sure you’re not the only person to have a question like this! The answer is quite simple. Underneath each picture, at the beginning, or at the end, explain what these photos were for, where you took them, or what was happening!

Take this spotting topic for example. After every picture the poster stated what was happening and what was cool about the picture, that’s exactly what you should put as background. The background is what is happening in your pictures, a form of context if you will. Check out that topic below as well as check out topics in #screenshots-and-videos for more examples! Have a great day mate!


Thanks a lot for your help mate. That’s what I was actually noticing and that’s what came to my mind after I posted this question. Enjoy your day my friend

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Thanks all!