Background noise problem..

Hello… This is NOT an problem with IF… but I figured this would be a great place to mention my problem…

OK, So for many of those who know me… I have recently a few months ago changed my phone to a iphone to play IF better.

Ever since I had this phone, I have noticed problems with background noises recording, none at all… the volume from the games would work… but not the background noises.

A few examples:

1: When playing IF, using the IF app & the Pax IF app… it only plays the sounds from the game and NOT recording my voice or the passenger app noise.

  1. Every recorder, screen recorder there is, I used and it all does the same…

I should note that all the volume settings are also on

Is there anyone with an iphone who has these problems or did? and know how to fix them??

It be great if people can hear my voice and the infinite passenger app also.


Not sure if the recorder can record so many different things at the same time. It’s recording the game itself and a third party app. you’re trying to record your voice on top of that. i think the recorders you might be using either only records the sounds played from your apps and not surrounding noise. to help with this you might need to record your voice separately and then somehow add it as a side track to the already existing audio. This is probably why no IF streamer talks while flying as the sound of his voice is not recorded with the other sounds as it’s not on the screen.

it’s not just that though. as I also mention, it doesn’t record my voice at all when i just trying to record my voice.

To clarify, what screen recorder are you using? The built in one does not allow for microphone use but what you can do is record your screen, and then record audio on your computer and then use a video editor and lay the audio over the recording. If your streaming that becomes more difficult and requires you use some sort of program or something to beam the feed from your phone to a computer and then pair the audio with that in a streaming software such as OBS. Feel free to PM me if you have more questions.

it’s not just when using a recorder or when gaming… it’s all the time. no matter what I use, the iphone won’t record my voice or any background noise. But I use DU recorder

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Not sure then. It sounds like a microphone issue and that is something you would need to contact apple about.

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The recording feature with iPhones are simply just a screen recorder, without a microphone. Unfortunately, as this is not Infinite Flight related, I’m not sure there’s much we can do to help you.

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you are saying iphones don’t have them??

They do have microphones. However, the recording feature is a screen recorder, not a microphone.

so what do you recommend then if i want to live record my flight and voice at same time?

Find another program that does that. I can’t recommend anything because I don’t do that.

program?? I am very sure it’s a issue with the iphone maybe?

No. I have the screen record feature. It doesn’t have microphone.

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Whenever you screen record, there’s an option of using the microphone if you hold down on the screen record button. The voice will be heard when viewing in your camera roll, but not whenever trying to export the video. You’d have to screen record the screen recording then.

Hi, just letting you know that the IOS built in screen recorder actually DOES allow microphone use. Just hold the screen recorder icon for 3 seconds and you’ll have the option to turn on the microphone or leave it off.

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