Background ATC chatter

When I joined IF some 20 months back there was a inbuilt ATC sound, since last update I didn’t hear it, They removed that sound or my device got old?


They removed it because users requested it. It was also recycled chatter, no purpose of it.


No one requested it to be removed that I can recall. I believe it was just pulled with the addition of atc in live.

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I saw it on the infinite flight feedback page. Matt mentioned it was removed because users requested it.

Well everyone seems to be requesting to add it back.

Add it back why? Serves no purpose

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Which is why it was removed.

In real life the AirTraficControl is dead quiet to keep consentration and so the ATCs can hear themselves think.

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Unless you wanna put Kennedy Steve in this ;)

Oh and another guy here on IFC had mentioned about someone else too…

I think his name starts with a B?

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Here are Matt’s words

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