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Device: iPhone 12
Operating system: iOS 16.01

Idk exactly when this started but it feels like since 22.5 came out this issue started with me. Now it may not be a big problem to anyone else but with me it’s extremely annoying. This may not be seen or fixed but I have to say something again because I really can’t play the game with this problem.

So when I play infinite flight I usually have YouTube playing in the background or prime video watching SpongeBob or something maybe listening to music on YouTube music or Apple Music. I do all this stuff cause I only have one device to play the game. My main phone I use for stuff like texting and all that. So playing infinite flight I can’t do anything else tbh so I do one of those things I named off above.

But lately after 22.5 I’d say every thing I’m watching or listening to in the background pauses over and over and over every 10-30 seconds maybe I’ll get lucky and it’ll last a couple minutes or longer without pausing. But it won’t stop pausing till I end the flight. It works perfectly fine on single player and doesn’t pause or anything. But multiplayer I can’t stand how much it pauses. It gets so annoying and frustrating to the point where I want to throw my phone at a wall at times. I feel like it’s because of atc sometimes after a message comes through atc it’ll pause. But it still pauses even when there’s no one talking or I’m not on any frequency.

Now before 22.5 I could watch videos and listen to all the music in the world without any problems.
Other than one time where I’d have a video or music playing and once I started the flight it paused but that only happened for a couple days and after it was fine. I loved it I could play infinite as normal watching a funny video in the background while flying it would cure my boredom because I’m not going to sit there watching the plane the whole time I mean come one haha. But anyway I loved when I could do that now I can’t and it’s extremely frustrating that it just constantly pauses.

This is a video link below that demonstrates what it does.
Note: the video I was watching at the time of that flight had strong language in it so beware of any strong language you might hear!

If you aren’t able to watch or understand the box in the corner is YouTube playing in the background for me. The video I was watching basically. If you could watch it you could see the video would go black and you can’t hear it anymore more. That was it pausing. It usually does this when someone calls my phone. It pauses the video and it goes back which I understand so I can hear the call. But after I answer the call I unpause the video and it doesn’t pause over and over while on a phone call.

Now if you couldn’t watch the video basically I can watch the video while on the Home Screen or another app and have YouTube playing the video in the corner or prime video. I have the video playing until the screen goes black and I can’t hear it anymore and I press it and notice it has paused on its own. Come to find out it does it 1000 more times (highly over exaggerating statement) and it is so annoying!!

This may not every get fixed for me or anyone else that may have this problem. Probably won’t get seen and read by someone fully, who would at least tell me if it’s something I could fix my self or something that could be fixed in an upcoming update. If you’ve made it this far thanks for reading me rant about a problem that probably no one else has and isn’t as important. It is an important problem to me though. A very important problem. I’ve had it for a while and ever since I first noticed it I haven’t wanted to play the game because of it. I don’t like playing the game with nothing in the background and I don’t want to be having the video pause over and over so I just haven’t played much at all. Which has caused my flight hours within the last 90 days to drop from around 200hrs to just over 90 and my landings in 90 days dropping from around 130 to high 60s. This problem has really affected hoe much I play the game and id just like something done so I can play in peace with my background entertainment!

Sorry for the whole school essay guys 😅

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Can you summarise and give it because it’s too long and difficult to

So a summary would be:

You have a single device. Before update 22.5 you were able to watch videos or listen to music etc. in the background without any issues. After update 22.5 your apps in the background pause. And you want to find a solution to this issue as you only have one device for everything and you don’t want to be watching your full flight.


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