Backcountry of Idaho

This evening, I decided to take up the trusty C172 for a spin in Idahos backlands! Later in the flight, @ColtonS joined in. This was a IFGAC flight, take a look at their thread here.

Server: Expert
Flight time: 1:10
Aircraft C172 (N1322K)
Route: U70-KMYL (stopping at many airports along the way)

Final preflight checks.

After takeoff, passing over the village of Cascade.

@ColtonS joins the party after a harrowing landing at 24K.

Good night Idaho!

I’d recommend a flight in Idaho at least one time. 100s narrow ravines and cliffs to admire image

Let me know what you think!

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Had a blast!


Beautiful shots


Can’t believe I didn’t see this lol, great shots, been to many of these places IRL.

Here’s a satellite shot

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