Backcountry Flying in Down Under

Hello fellas!

Back to submit another shots from my recent backcountry flight in Aussie. I came across the idea after reading some old National Geographic magazine article about Uluru then decided it’s time to hop back to the XCub and do some sight seeing 😊

Flight Details:

Departure Airport : Ayers Rock Airport / Conellan Airport (AYQ/YAYE)

Type of Flight : Local VFR
Altitude : 3000ft AGL
Cruise Speed : 105KIAS
Flight time : 1.05 hrs
Server : Expert

Let’s go!
After taking off, turning right, flying directly to Uluru

It’s quite a sight on the shot here, though in the cockpit it looks quite so-so 😆

Then after a full circle around the Uluru, heading back north towards some fascinating sights over this small lakes and streams (I guess, CMIIW)

And finally, tied down on the tarmac again overseeing the mystical Uluru in the background

Thanks for dropping by!

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I love those shots! Ayer’s Rock is really a beauty. I am currently cruising over Sandy Queensland with @CMR @Usalypd and @Fourthnebula919


Thanks @CantonFlyer !
Oh, are you on a group flight?

Not really, I am on a challenge to fly to every state and territory in AUS and this is my third one DRW-BNE

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That view from the cockpit in that first shot looks so cool!


Well, yes, we are flyin with him to every state and territory in Australia


Really awesome shots!!