Backbone of the Americas Journey

On September 8, 2020 I took off from Wales, Alaska (PAIW) to begin a series of flights south along the major mountain chains of North, Central and South America. On May 13th, 2021 I landed in Ushuaia, on the island of Tierra de Fuego. The maps below show the route. The total flight distance was 11850 nM, and total flight time was 86 hours and 20 minutes, landing at 107 different airports. All flights were in GA aircraft, usually the C-208; but I used different planes to keep flights between airports at 90 minutes or less. The average flight time was 49 minutes. Some pictures from the flights are shown below.

#1. Route through North and Central America.

#2. Route through Central and South America.

#3. Taking off from Wales, Alaska (PAIW) on September 8th. The Bering Sea is in the background.

#4. Crossing the 60 degree North line on the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska, on September 20th.

#5. Flying over the Canadian Rockies on October 13th.

#6. Crossing from Canada into Montana, October 19th.

#7. Pico de Orizaba volcano in central Mexico, November 24th.

#8. In Chile on January 19th: Flying toward Puyehue-Córdon Caulle volcano, with snow-clad Puntiagudo-Córdon Cenizos volcano in the distance.

#9. Snowy mountains and glaciers at the southern tip of Chile, May 13th.

#10. Landing at Ushuaia, Argentina (SAWH) May 13, 2021. Local time was around 1 PM, but the sun is very low in the sky this time of year.


Wow! That must’ve taken a lot of dedication. Congrats on finishing that journey!


Very cool!! Thanks for sharing!!!

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Wow love these pictures 😍

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