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Hello everyone, so as you know it is a Public Holiday for down under since the queen passed and as a free day, I decided to go out planespotting, since today is the day Fiji Airways with the Max Comes every Mondays, and Thursdays. Also there were tons of annoying bugs. Enjoy the pictures!

Location: DHL Carpark (AGAIN)
Gear: Same old usual Nikon Coolpix P90

First up is a TBM in blue colours

Second, is a A350 that’s registered from Singapore and taking off with a mega noise (obviously)

Why hello there cops

Virgin “Boeing 737 Max 8”

Dinosaur plane?

A kiwi A321

A oneworld plane going to Malaysia?

A mining plane

Plane from paradise (Tags: @Adrian_K)

Bye everyone, have good day!


Nice photos canton!

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Pilatus: Am I a joke to you?


Lmao it was a joke

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