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How do I include a “back to top” feature when making a long post?

# # [Return to Top of Page] (# heading–link-to-me-topp)

3 #’s then the rest above no spaces

Wait what? Where do I put the link?

No link just those words

###[Return to Top of Page](# heading–link-to-me-topp)

[Return to Top of Page] (# heading–link-to-me-topp)

It doesn’t work

You can alternatively just link the post which would bring it back to the top.


Return to Top of Page

That should work^^^

Looks like this without spaces.

Edit: I honestly don’t know why it isn’t working. Hmmm @JarrettFlies might know if he made the Air China thread.


Enter @lucaviness and @Balloonchaser

### [Return to Top of Page](#heading--link-to-me-topp)

Luca taught me this one ;)

Missing the anchor.

Hi there! Currently, you have the link to the top, but you are missing the header (anchor).

Link to Anchor

[Return to Top](#heading--link-to-me-top)


<h2 id='heading--link-to-me-top'>Top of Page</h2>

Note that images may be anchors too. Simply replace “Top of Page” with the image url.

I also made a topic explaining Heading IDs; be sure to check it out if you’re having any trouble!


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Wait, can you explain how I do the thing with anchors @lucaviness?

Top of Page

[Return to Top] (#heading--

Looks like you’ve got your anchor. Now, just add:

[Return to Top](#heading--link-to-me-top)

And where do I put the link?

#heading--link-to-me-top is your link. The webpage url is not necessary.

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