Back to the beginning: Condor saved - Season 2

In January I wrote a post on Condor being saved by PGL (Polish Aviation Group), the mother company of LOT.

But, just a few days ago the whole deal was cancelled and Condor was finding itself without an investor days before they had to repay a 380 million euro loan.

That deadline was initially extended for a few days, and today the German government and the government of the state Hessen stepped in once again:

Condor was granted a 550 million Euro loan.

256 million will be used to pay back the original loan to the KfW (German economic bank), with the remaining 294 million ensuring Condor keeps afloat and running for the time to come.

Nonetheless the need for a new investor is still there and the search continues in this strange times.

For employees and customers this is great news in my opinion anyways.

I would love to hear your opinions/questions/remarks in the comments below, thanks for having a look at my post!


If they’re not flying that cash won’t last them 3 months.

The airline says that this will secure the flight schedule of the airline, but yeah, the current cargo only flights and the very limited amount of passenger services will not fill the bank account of the airline.

With Lufthansa most likely receiving government aid soon as well, we may see more money being paid out to the airline in the time to come. Also an investor is very much needed!

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I hope they do survive, I love the livery and the airline!

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I really do too! I wen through good and bad with the airline, 5 flights and 4 times wer-lease operators, but it’s a great airline and always an interesting experience to fly with them.

The livery is great too. Thanks!

Damn, Condor has not been able to catch a break lately. Hopefully it pulls through, and won’t get coffin danced.

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You’re very true there. First the bankruptcy of Thomas Cook, then the hope of a deal with PGL and now the Corona crisis. Really not the best time for the airline… :/

If condor survives a parent company collapse, a failed buyer, and a 95% drop in demand all within 6 months, I’ll be shocked, but it seems like given there doing pretty well…

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This is true, and also there is a discussion here in Germany whether the market is consolidated far enough and the government should secure that the remaining three carriers (LH Group, Condor and TUIFly) keep flying to ensure competition and secure customer’s interests.

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