Back to School Flight @ KLAX - 312300ZJUL16

Ok, i will be there, i’m finally Grade 3 🎆

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Can i record the event and upload the video on yt?

Yes, that will be great!


I’ll take gate 17B

I take g17b

Im already at the airport

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You can get 18A

I take gate 18 a i didnt saw that 17b is forgiven

17b is fine

I take 18a and everyone is happy

OK, thats fine, see you soon

I feel so bad for you! My school starts again September 6th! I saw this topic title and almost threw up to the thought of school lol. haha

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Im already at the airport which altitude do we fly?

i have school 365 per year ffs
dont go to college

just kidding you need that crap

So… tired… too early… I’ll be there anyway

I start pushback now my callsign is Swiss 34 56

11000, 400knots AS

School starts tomorrow for me 😫😢

What district?

Cobb county ? (Not telling city 😐)