Back to School Flight @ KLAX - 312300ZJUL16

Oh i’m sorry, thanks!

If you could remind me the day before and on the day of the event that would be great.

Ok, you could also add it to your calendar

@Nolan_Carroll, I will be T1 Gate 18A

Can you change time? Not sure whether deliberate or not but it is at midnight!!!

Mine is a Sunday at 7:00 PM.

It’s more directed for the eastern time, but works for the Americas.

Ok, see you there!

can you change it back to atc playground pleas because it dosent let me do advanced server

Sorry, no. It will be better on advanced becuase ATC will be aware. Sorry. Do lots of touch and go circuits and you will be promoted soon

I’d like to take gate 16A. Thank you.

Hey sorry something came up so I won’t be able to attend. You can remove me from the list.

Ok, I will add you

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Can you add me I’ll be G15b

I’m debating about coming, cause the event is at 7 in the morning for me. Can I reserve a gate even though I might not be coming? If I can, please reserve one for me. Any gate is fine.
Edit: I will come. Please reserve G16B for me.

Got you guys @Mix56awesome @Kyle_Gabriel_Pelegri

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Cool can’t wait to fly with you guys 😊

Can this be my call sign JAN56BTS

The proposed speed is 400 kts ground speed, is that correct?

Air speed…