Back to School Flight @ KLAX - 312300ZJUL16

Wow, my school starts on September 8th!

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Is gate 12 ok?

ya im fine

What time does it start?

23:00 Zulu (gmt)

Thank you.

Ill take gate 13

Sorry about last post, I’ll have gate 14 plz🤓

Gate info and server has been updated.

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I’ll take T1 Gate: 15B! I’ll be in a Southwest 737-700 (new livery)! :)

School starts? School ends!


I’m back September 6.

Moved to advanced

Nooooo 2300 zulu 😭

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Could I have gate 18B?

What Plane do you use at the event, and what do you think is better, the A320 or the A340?


Example, your flying a Delta A320 so you must use Delta ----

A320 or A340 is fine, the airports are big enough. I’m flying an A320 :)

I got you! See you soon!

Can i use a A320 by Lufthansa or i MUST use a plane by Delta?

No, any airline. That was an example.