Back to Phoenix Fast from the Canyon

Need the TBM to get back quicker from the Grand Canyon.
Casual Server. Noonish. Returned south from the canyon, to the west of the mountains at Flagstaff, to take in a quick view of Sedona before detouring east down the Verde Valley, then back south again at Payson headed for Falcon Field.
South of Flagstaff’s high country; Sedona’s red just behind my left wing tip:

Turned over Cottonwood, San Fransico Peaks (at Flagstaff) in the distance off my left wing:

Meandering down the highway through the Verde Valley:

Fast! Already the Mogollon Rim Ahead. Payson in no time…:

Turned over south over Payson (right wing tip), at the base of the rim country. Home streach at this speed:

I’ll be there in no time. Four Peaks above my tail. Superstition mountains in the distance just above the lakes (Saguaro or Canyon Lake?):

(might even remember anti-aliasing next time)


Phots look great, nice flight.

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Thanks! It was a nice flight. I wanted to get back to visual reference navigation a bit more.

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Amazing photos mate

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Thank you! My next stop after Falcon Field was in fact Toronto - but had to trade up for even faster machine…

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