Back to KCHS today to see FIFI she was the last B29 of the line in Renton. And a t-6

Now I know where the Millennium Falcon got its cockpit from

So a couple more spots around the airport and bit of a photo bomb


No usey my photoies


It’s FiFi! She was featured in a video, just can’t find it right now. I’ll check later. 🙂

I want to see FIFI one day the B-29 is my favorite bomber from World War 2 it’s amazing that FIFI still can fly today

Whoa that is cool!!!

She’s based out of Dallas Ft Worth. But does a us circuit every year.
So quick fact about the B29. The flight engineer has his back to the pilots. The pilots call for speed settings during take off, flight and landing the engineer sets them. He also works everything required of the engines. The pilots have control only of feathering the props. No trycicle WW2 plane had front wheel steering. It was all done with engine power and dynamic braking while on the ground.

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Awesome photos! While I have not been that close to a B29, it has to be inspiring to see one in person. It is such a beautiful and capable aircraft, and that particular one is in such pristine condition. I especially like the aircraft tag photo. I’m glad you were able to go and get such great pictures to share with the rest of us. Pretty funny that the Sheriff’s Bell got photo bombed by the USAF.

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