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Just came back to IF on the 4th of December, feels good to be back flying. Lots of new changes that i’ve seen been added into the game. Can’t wait to fly back on Expert Servers with you guys!

Do let me know Tips & Tricks as i completely forgot everything I have learned back when i flew actively in 2018-2019


Here is a good place to start with tutorial guides for new aircraft added over the last couple of years

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Here’s a few more Aircraft Guides

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That’s one way to list all of the guides. 😂 Thanks guys!

@Fatool Welcome back! In addition to those lovely guides, may I direct you to the Infinite Flight YouTube Channel as well. Tyler has created some amazing tutorials. For the more visual learner, these would be helpful. You may notice some overlap with the aircraft specific tutorials as Tyler and I shared our work while working on certain tutorials/guides.

Link takes you to the IF’s playlists. The “Flight Training” playlist will likely be the one you will want to take a gander through.


Hold on. I have another one 🙃

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@PhorzaSky you forgot one

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I think there are a lot of great links and information here. So I’ll save it. I’ll rather wish you a hearty welcome back to IF and the community!


Appreciate all the guides and tips you guys sent. Will definately look into it. See you in the Skies of Expert server soon!!

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