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I want to say thank you to all that have helped me with the Virtual Airlines Database over the past few months. I got flagged for a few comments on the forums and lost my regular status some time back. What did that mean? Losing your Regular status means that if your thread is older than 60 days old, you will not be able to edit it. I have gotten numerous and i do mean NUMEROUS requests to update the VA Database without the ability to do so.

Today, I got a notification that I have gotten my “Regular” status back. I will continue editing the thread as requests come in!

Thank you all!

and keep this in mind if you do create a thread that may be important and in need of updating on the forums.


Congrats Alan! Don’t forget to add the Regular title and your welcome :)


Congratulations on your promotion to Regular again! Now when people pester you to edit the wiki, you won’t feel useless :D

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Well done for getting it back! Now people will stop spamming, asking you to edit it ;)

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Nah you’re wrong… People will still spam him but instead of unable to do anything, he now can edit his 60+ days old thread once again!

Yes they call it a wiki but still, he’s the OP…

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