Back to Basics Flying. Cessna 172 sunset flight

Good evening community, Today after a first week back at college, my brother and I decided to treat ourselves to some flying this evening. While the weather wasn’t the best, it still made for some great pictures of the sunset and sky conditions as we were flying around. This was a local flight as my brother hadn’t been flying In a few months and i hadn’t been flying in a few weeks. All in all it was a good flight too lead into the weekend and a much needed break and relaxation. IMG_1558IMG_1555


I hope the Glare didn’t affect you too much, great pictures

Thanks. And there really wasn’t any glare at all when flying. It must be how the pictures were taken.

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Beautiful, I love flying at sunset where I am, it gives a really nice reflection on the aircraft and the sky colous

I agree. The sky was a burnt orange and that’s the color of our airplane we fly. So it was really pretty.

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Great Snaps, only ever flown Day and Dawn, next stop Dusk…

Thanks! It’s probably my favorite time to fly

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