Back to Back flights

Hello, I am currently on expert server (Grade 3), I was wondering how to do back to back flights without exiting the app, because whenever I try to do another flight after I parked at the gate. The problem that I think it is, is whenever I am on final I use ILS approach and after I have parked at the gate I am not able to disable the ILS navigation, so whenever I go to take of and turn on my LNAV. The plane does not follow the navigation, or my waypoints. So I was wondering if anyone had a solution to this? Please let me know, have a great day!


The “GPS” will follow your new FPL instead of the ILS. And as for the ILS, you need to tune into the arriving runway, and use NAV1.

If you have any questions, let us know. Welcome to the community!


My bad I just deleted my answer, sorry about that, I thought OP had meant a greyed out LNAV button despite having a full flight plan. Yeah… the 'ol forgetting to switch back from NAV1 to GPS routine, happens to me all the time! :D

Thankyou means a lot!!

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