Back to back app crashes

Hello IFC! These few days ive been struggling with some app crashes, so a few days ago i flew KJFK-EGLL and all went well until i turned off engines at Heathrow and app crashed.

Second crash: I was doing LTFM-KORD yesterday during the day and flight was smooth, but in Chicago, i tapped APPR and after a while it crashed.

Third: I was going to do KLAX-EDDF yesterday and it was going to be an overnight, as soon as i wake up the app had crashed!

Important info: all of these flight where flown on B777W
Specs: Ipad 6th gen with Ios 13.7 installed.
IF: Airplane count was on low
Medium Rendering quality and high rendering resolution, high texture quality and anti allising on.

Hello, please follow the instructions in this topic and let me know if there is any issue after doing a flight.

Also, make sure to turn off anti aliasing.

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Adding onto what the topic @Nawf linked says, be sure to dim your phone’s brightness, especially on long hauls. Be sure to kill any background apps as well.

Also, a very wise @Pingu taught me to set your views to the inside of the cockpit when doing long hauls. If your device has to consistently load scenery, it’s gonna make it crash. Whenever I do long hauls I always set my view to “CAPTAIN” and zoom in on the instruments. He prefers to set it to sky view, so its your preference what you do.


Yup. Thanks for adding that. I zoom into the captain’s seat for long hauls. Nothing like a grey view.

Oh okay! Will try that! Getting a new ipad soon anyway!

Thanks guys for the help! This topic can now be closed!

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