Back to Aeroparque (SABE)! Plane Spotting on 7/2/22

Went plane spotting to Aeroparque today, and got a more diverse fleet of aircraft than what I got on January 27th.
The photos have black bars on the sides because they’re screenshots from the videos I recorded.

Jetsmart’s A320 LV-IVN.

Flybondi’s B737-800 LV-HKN.

Flybondi’s B737-800 LV-KAH. It has the distinction of having a mix between the Sunwing and Flybondi livery.

LATAM Chile’s Airbus A320 CC-CQM.

GOL’s Boeing B737-800 PR-GTL.

Jetsmart Argentinas’s Airbus A320 LV-IVN.

Aerolíneas Argentinas’s Boeing B737-8 Max LV-HKV.

Flybondi’s Boeing B737-800 LV-KAH entering runway 13.


The spotting video has been released. It’s almost 50 minutes long.

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