Back to 1980's! Feel the vintage! The Continental diesel ten @ KONT - 081300ZMAY20

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Feel the vintage! 1980-1990

Who here miss the golden age flight? Yes, that’s right, where did you hear the sound of the engine that was loud enough in the cabin or on the ground (Sorry Boeing 737-200 if I offended you:) or the instrument with an analog system, aircraft with more than 2 engines? and the beautiful body shape of a vintage plane. Just like you miss someone during a lockdown like this. I invite you to fly one of the Continental airlines routes from Ontario to Denver

Aircraft & Livery: DC-10 Continental airlines

Server: Expert

Route: Ontario - Denver Stapleton / KONT-KDEN
(Which now is Denver International Airport)

13:00 Zulu

Additional Informaion
It is hoped that there will be at least 1 or 2 people participating. Later I will make a group chat if more people come. Flightplan please copy me or you can search for yourself

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