"Back taxi" when arriving into an airport

Hello guys,
This is my another tutorial on the exit runway command (The most confused one) - Back Taxi
Always try to avoid back taxi, it saves a lot of time and helps the tower controller.
Pilots aren’t able to request back-taxi currently
This is only available to the Tower frequency so don’t change your freq. on the runway.

Now we see that we’ve landed, and there’s no exit available!
What to do now? - Wait for the tower to give you a command like this as shown below.
#Don’t change from tower to ground unless instructed.

It reads “Back taxi runway 03, contact ground when off the runway
So you will now make a 180 turn at the end or at any point.
#Don’t pushback all through the way
And taxi to the nearest exit.

Get off the runway, and contact ground as instructed.
And do your regular stuff.
Happy Flying!

This is the sequel to my previous [post][1]
[1]:[What does the "Exit runway" command mean?]
I know I have not followed the ATC’s instructions nor have communicated properly. Please don’t be like that :)

Credits to @Ian_Rodriguez for controlling the airport!
Airport Used : WMKM Malacca
Feel free to PM me or post your questions below!


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You guys chose a beautiful airport :D

Some users change from Tower to Ground when they’re still on the runway.

But in Infinite fight, you can turn big planes. Plus its annoying to see people literally pushing-back with 3 knots and it takes forever and more go-arounds and delays ;)


That is true, but for airports where it is not needed, it is extremely time consuming, irritating, and a waste of precious landing slots

Great tutorial, many people I see control on the playground as tower sometimes need to use back taxi but they don’t because they don’t know what it means, and if they do, many pilots don’t understand. Much needed tutorial!

And it should also be noted that when requiring a back taxi before take off, you should switch from ground to tower, request take off in the normal fashion, and the controller will then instuct you to back taxi.
London City is a good example of this when taking off from runway 27. The main taxiway from the gates joins the runway about halfway down, You then have to back taxi along half the length of the runway before coming off onto another small network of taxiways and joing the runway again facing the right direction !
A lot of pilots aren’t sure what to do when they reach the first intersection so please follow the above instructions. DON’T stay on ground frequency and request a runway crossing - it’s not the correct procedure and as @dush19 pointed out, ground can’t authorise a back taxi anyway.

And one more thing, there may be some instances where even though a back taxi is available you might just be cleared for take off where the controller can see that there is enough runway for a safe departure. I often do this at Antigua where the back taxi is only about a sixth of the runway, so if you’re in a smaller aircraft you can just take off from the intersection without having to waste time back taxiing. Larger heavier jets would be instructed to back taxi so they can have the whole runway to use.
If you are cleared for takeoff at at this or a similar intersection then don’t back taxi, just take off as normal.

Hope this is helpful !



Greatly done! Even I, I usually try to take off without a back taxi

And who wouldn’t ? Back taxiing is a pain in the a**e ! Of course if we’re being pedantic (and in the interests of safety), you should back taxi if tower instructs you to, even if you feel you have enough runway already. You should never just take off without clearance, and a back taxi command is NOT clearance to take off !

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I also use back taxi for another way, although I use it wrong.

When a pilot taxi to 7R for example and I commanded it to taxi to 25R (other end of runway), I say back taxi to 25R. I know, it’s wrong but the word BACK is clear for pilots they need to turn around. Their isn’t really a command to say they are at the wrong runway, you can only point them to right runway. By the way, this is when pilots are still taxiing and are not yet on the runway.

Should I stop doing this? Although it’s clear what my intentions are for pilots

Yes, I’d recommend that you stop doing this.
Instead send them Please follow instructions

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Seems like a good alternative, thanks.