Back Taxi Request for Pilots

Having spent nearly 10 mins at EGLC waiting for the tower to realise I needed to Taxi to the right end of the runway. Could we add a “Request Back-track” (Back taxi) command for the pilots. It then would take the ambiguity away from the tower having to “guess” you’re waiting for them to tell you to enter the active.


It’s unfortunate the tower controller didn’t realise they need to insruct you to back track on 27. I presume this was on Playgound. What instruction were they giving you?

There was no instruction. That’s my point! It wasn’t until twr realised I couldn’t enter the runway without his permission and he’d forgot to give me the backtrack instruction!
This was the advanced server.
It’s not a criticism of the controller either, (before anyone goes looking for firewood and pitchforks!) Just an additional command I feel needs adding into the app.


Oh, ok. Bit surprised it was the Advanced server. Although it is possible teh Tower though he/she had already instructed you, I think I would have resent it had you not moved for 2-3 minutes.

I guess some kind of pilot to ATC prompt would be good, although looking at it is from the other side if you have ever controlled when it is busy you want the pilots to be as limited as possible when it comes to sending you prompts to do something. I almost feel that when the gound controller hands off to the tower the instrcution should be monitor Tower, not contact Tower to help manage workload.

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Awww Nigel I’ve already lightened my torch…
But I’d really support räthat idea, since some new controlers don’t know about it very well, not to mention the playground.


Yea we need that request. I’ve experienced the same situation in TFFR I believe. I was sitting at the hold short line for like 5 minutes without traffic and the tower didn’t tell me to back taxi, only when I entered the runway without his permission. :3

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That’s EXACTLY why I’m suggesting this addition. So we don’t have the childish “It’s all his fault” business.
We all make mistakes and forget things at times. Having a request to backtrack would solve the issue and give the controller a gentle reminder that the aircraft is not sat there for the benefit of his own health, but waiting for a response from the tower.


I’m all for this. The key to a smooth operation is good communication between pilots and controllers. This would go a long way towards helping that - TNCM, TFFR, London City - and plenty of other airports, really, - would benefit from this.

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I know this is a year old but it really needs to be added… Had an incident at Honolulu tonight, I exited runway 08R and planned to cross 04R, 04L, 08L to taxi to the gate. There was a line of departures for 04R and I got mixed up with them, tower sent me an on guard message and then cleared me for takeoff when I needed to back taxi, there was no way for me to say my intentions so I just logged off.


Good bump I still agree

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This would have been very useful at HAAB today.


And one year later, we are still having the same issues at HAAB. I would definitely like to see this implemented into infinite flight as the controller never knows the configuration of the pilots aircraft.


This feature is really needed. It would help without tower asking you to “say intentions” . Back taxiing is important in airports such as EGLC. I will consider giving this feature request my vote


Voted we need this.


Didnt even read everything. Immediately voted on this. It will free up any confusion with ATC and pilots. many people request to cross runway instead of requesting takeoff.


I’m pretty sure ATC is able to tell pilots to back taxi when you request takeoff. There’s a tutorial video about this.

Yes. ATC can tell you to backtrack and then takeoff

Quick plug for this request as I just encountered this issue at NFFN. While IFATC IFGA Mike was patient while I sorted out that I needed to request takeoff, it certainly doesn’t feel natural to say “ready for takeoff” when you are at the other end of the runway.

The “Backtrack” request would certainly be helpful at certain airfields. Being honest, I’ve never heard of the “Back-taxi” terminology, but perhaps one is the ICAO standard then one a local variation?