Back Taxi Reminder

I was controlling at London City on advanced for about 3 hours today and it was astonishing the amount of people who just decided it’d be a good time to back taxi right now.

You need to be cleared before back taxi
Just because you are cleared to taxi to a runway does not mean you can back taxi down a runway to the runway you were cleared to taxi to. To cross a runway you need permission. Samething with back taxi.

Do not request runway crossing
If you need to back taxi the tower will tell you to back taxi. The tower will not clear you if you do not have enough room to take off, so you do not need to worry. When you are first in line request take off as you normally would and tower will tell you to back taxi when ready

Other Notes
Airports such as London City that have back taxi get congested much easier because of the extra step. So please be patient. It is quite possible when busy you could be waiting upwards of 10 minutes. Today I had a couple people wait 20 minutes to take off. Landings have priority over take off so you need to be patient.
Do not request take off more than once. Just because you are waiting awhile doesn’t mean we forgot about you. You can use your radar and see there is a lot of inbound traffic, so there is no use requesting again, I promise we didn’t forget about you.
“Back taxi line up and wait” just means to back taxi and line up and wait on the runway. I saw many people backtaxi and hold short when I told them to line up and wait.
Just because the person in front of you back taxis doesn’t mean you can. I saw a conga line tonight. Someone back taxied and everyone else followed, no one being cleared.

Bottom Line
Do not enter runway unless instructed to
Runway crossing is not the same as back taxi

For further reading please check

Thank you guys for your continued will to learn. If you have any questions feel free to ask:)


I love EGLC. Everything is much more demanding.


One of my favorites aswell


Loving it even more now that we can fly realistic aircraft there (A318)


That goes for a lot of other airports too.

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TFFR much?


Thank you for that, I think people did need reminding. Thanks.

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I was a while ago ATC on EGLC advance server I say back taxi runway 27 line up and Wait.
He use his pushback to back taxi thenwhole runway😂

he literally went backwards taxiing


And if tower says “please expedite”, you can go above 35 knots on the runway when back taxiing without getting taxi speed violation.



this is a very good post!

May I, however suggest one thing to all ATC guys at EGLC:

The taxiway at the terminal gets crowded very easily.

So instead of clearing only one aircraft at a time to backtrack, clear three at a time. There is enough place to have No 1 thru 3 in sequence at the taxiway section down at the end of the runway.

By doing this, you also reduce the amount of back taxi events, which will help you to get more aircraft in the air and also enables you to establish a flow of taking off, landing and taxiing aircraft.

Thanks for your job guys!




Thank you that’s a very good point! Up to 4 aircraft can fit into the backtaxi. This was geared toward pilots rather than controllers.


Max Sez. @Clipper747PA. Hay Clipper… If your the guy I used to chat with welcome back! If not first I saw ya, a welcome addition. Move’em out at the “City”. Back taxi’em & Stackem at the threshold duel hold point & over run.

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yeah, I’m the one! :-)
thanks for your comment, good talkin to a familiar guy!

happy landings

Clipper 747PA

callsign RedBaron1 (…heavy, depending on the aircraft;-)


Nice! Comes in handy!

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By the way, great job last time and I think this will defiantly help people at airports like Aspen, SXM, and London City. Also, I’m not trying to be a know it all but I know what a back taxi is. Thanks and great job controlling. Message me when you are controlling again.

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Most people know the concept but the little things they have a problem with. Glad to know you enjoyed:)

Hey :) my fave airport at the mo- if there is no tower (had clearance for taxi from ground) then what? As I don’t think there’s an option to declare back taxi and ground don’t confirm that? (I generally check the maps so I don’t cause an issue and back taxi before holding short, checking again then announce takeoff - sorry if I’m getting this wrong :)

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You’re right:) @MrDLeadFreak There is currently no back taxi request. It is now up to the towers discretion to decide when you need to back taxi. After you are holding short you should request take off. If you do not have enough room to take off tower will tell you to back taxi.

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Back Taxi DOES NOT MEAN that you line up on the runway, and pushback down the runway…


Very helpful nice one for putting this out there!

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