Back-taxi procedures

We still see many pilots on Expert, who don’t know what back-taxi is.

Here is (again) the back-taxi procedure.
A back-taxi to the start (or exit) of a runway, may be needed in situations where the airport’s taxiway does not stretch all the way to the start (or exit) of the runway. Back-taxi procedure occurs on Tower frequency, where an aircraft taxies to the start (or exit) of the runway.
Back-taxi procedures can be needed for take-off and/or after landing, depending on the layout of the airport.

We see errors such as:

  • Pilot, holding short for the runway, requesting runway crossing from Ground
  • Pilot not requesting anything, and just continue their taxi on the runway, as it’s its a taxiway.
  • Pilots switching to Tower and just sit quiet on the hold-short line, not knowing what to request, and perhaps looking for a cross-runway request in their Tower menu (which doesn’t exist)
  • Pilots back-taxiing at a painfully slow speed. You can go faster than 35 on a runway!!
  • Pilots in little aircrafts performing a back-taxi, while being told to take-off or lineup and wait

Below’s the info. READ AND WATCH IT, if you don’t know


Very well explained,unfortunately it takes all the realism from the game.

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Why does it do that? Please explain?
Remember: back-taxi procedures happen in real life as well.

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I know that pilots follow some specific procedures and it should be simulated in the game as well

You’re right. I removed my comment.
@Lefterix I’m sorry.

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I am not against it or anything,i am just trying to say that i would like to see pilots follow the insructions in order to make the game realistic,i wasnt so clear and apologize for it.


No worries sir,I apologize that my message wasnt so clear

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I’d just like to add (as this is not implemented as a violation in IF) the speed limit for taxiing on a runway is 50kts, NOT 30.

Also, if there is a back taxi and you see people back taxing, do not assume that you can not takeoff 2/3 of the way down a 10000ft, for example. If I give you a line up and wait or takeoff clearance that does not mean back taxi.

Ultimately Pilots are responsible for a safe takeoff, and I agree with @Trio here, that it’s up the pilot to decide how far he/she will back-taxi, before making the turn to line-up.

However, as ATC, I also make an estimation. For a 717 or an A319, I assume they are not ‘heavy’ and often clear them for ‘immediate takeoff’, when I estimate the runway length to be sufficient. This suggests to the pilot, to not back-taxi, but takeoff using the rest of the runway. Most times, the Pilot gets it, agrees, and takes-off, allowing me to expedite departures.


Very nice and well done

Can I please ask a mod to review the post and, if suitable, place it in Tutorials?

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Had to ghost two pilots today because they didn’t know what back-taxi was. ☹️

One requested a runway crossing, while on Ground and after switching him to Tower he rocked onto the runway, without any request or instruction from Tower.

The other just sat on Tower frequency unsure what to do and blocked the entry to the runway for too long.

Hope this article gets a few more good reads today.


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