Back Taxi On Unicom

Hello, when you want to back taxi with no ATC online, do you announce rwy crossing or take off on Rwy #?


i say takeoff but i dont know if that’s right


I would rather do landings and I agree with @Ritesh321, we both don’t know if it’s right. I also don’t have any other answers for you mate. You could possibly ask the developer on the IF community if you wanted.


I’d assume you are talking about back taxiing for takeoff? If this is the case, announce takeoff. You are gonna be on the runway the whole time first off, but second off, when ATC tells you cleared for takeoff and you need to back taxi, it permits you to.

If you have to back taxi as a taxi, I’d go with crossing runway since you aren’t taking off.

Hope that helps!


Thanks for the answer. Will use in the future. :)

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