Back taxi Clarification

I was flying earlier at KNUC with the tower controller as “IFFG-Sipzhu”. I taxied to 27 and was then told to back taxi to 06 and contact ground on the taxiway. I then entered the runway and started taxiing to 06. I then got flooded with messages to exit runway as I wasn’t cleared, follow instructions, check help pages etc. My question, am I right in saying that back taxi does mean to taxi to the end of the runway, exit and then hold short for departure, and if so should there be a function to tell a controller to check help pages or make sure the controllers are proficient enough before being allowed to be ATC?



😂 yea you were correct entering the runway and taxiing down it. Their is no expectation of controllers on the playground it’s a free for all where people learn.

If it was playground, then the controller had no clue what they were doing.

What Brandon said, Will 😂

BTW, welcome to the community! 😃🎉👋🏼✈️

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Well yeah, I’m a student pilot in real life and I know what back taxi means in real life, wasn’t sure if it meant something else here! Only need 5000xp before I can join the advanced server! Can’t wait and thank for the welcome :)


Ey Will, welcome to the community as well, and yes what you did was correct, although we’re on the Playground server, once we know the rules, it’s nice to see people making an effort to do it right.


This is what I like to call

Welcome to the Playground server! Where we land at 09 at KSAN and where ATC don’t know what the heck they are doing

My summary of PG


Ey Captain_Dan, sorry my ignorance but what’s the issue on landing Rwy09 at KSAN?

According to Wikipedia it’s rarely used due to wind conditions, and even then, some heavy aircraft have to depart in another direction due to hills nearby.

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I see, thanks @Anton_ATC

I have a question regarding this situation for backtaxi too, i hope its alright to ask since its kinda on the same topic.

My question is, if told to backtaxi on knuc and the correct way is to taxi down to rwy6 and make turn. Thats understandable since there’s no exit on knuc except nearing the end of the runways.

But in the case of lets say ksan, should i back taxi to the nearest exit and taxi on the taxi way to the assigned rwy again?

Depends on if your told to back taxi and exit or back taxi and lineup and wait.

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