Back Taxi at TFFR

For grins, I was watching folks at back taxi at TFFR without ATC. I noticed a number of folks back taxiing at the excruciatingly slow speed of 20kts and under. For the benefit of other pilots, and ATC if present, please keep the speed up to something in the 30-50kt range! Basically, what’s comfortable for you, but don’t crawl down the runway.

Also… hats off to @Karen_Davenport for waiting through 3 inbounds spaced 5mi apart!


If you are backtaxiing at the speed in which you taxied to the runway you know you are going slow.


You need to spy on em at TNCM… ridiculous airport design with only one main intersection to the taxiway… particularly if you are a big jet coming in and no choice to stop and turn off in time…is that why there is no ground atc !!!

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In real life TNCM isn’t as crowded as in IF ;)


Yea… but it still must duplicate the original airport design !!!

Legend says that the same planes are still back taxiing.


This is advisable to all airports that require back taxi, so put some throttle to the metal.

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You can only keep back taxiing so far until you need pontoons !!!

Why hats off to her? That’s common sense to wait that long, you’re supposed to do that in the first place.

This was on expert I believe as I saw @GHamsz at expert at TFFR as I landed.

MaxSez: Pilots make choices as do Controllers. Appears the command “Expedite” was introduced for the occasions cited. 35+ mph taxi is ridiculous!
If your playing it real, consider pax comfort. If your flying GA or a light transport use an intersection departure on single exit runways or any crowded field for that matter… Your not jumping the line your enhancing flow control. First up is not always first out.
Just Sayin.

Oh right! I thought @GHamsz meant the expert server lol.

A grade 3 holding up a number of planes needs to know they were doing it right! It was Expert

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I touched bases with our airline pilots which is how I came up with 30-50… I also stated use a speed you’re comfortable with. If you want real, taxi at 30, if you want to help out the controller with a number of unreal inbounds, a little faster would be nice.

Perfect guide gary! Yes people taxi real slow in the carribean airports or airports that need to be back taxied, people need to be backlashed by ATC in order to move because they dont realise that taxi speed warnings dont apply to runways. They could taxi at 100 knots gs and there wont be anything wrong unless they swerve off the runway.

To add to this: Pilots should use common sense to determine how fast to taxi. If there is an inbound on final then the back taxi should be expedited.

Very well. I was wrong. I retract my statement.

@GHamsz. MaxSez: I understand where your coming from. Been there done that, just don’t teach and condone bad habits & airmanship. I’m sure you’ve rode commercially with that hot shoot that wanted to get off the bus as you’ve shaked, rattled and rolled to the Rwy exit at what felt like Hi-speed. Not comfortable and hard on the airframe, tires and brakes. Maintenance hates hot Pilots. Understand ya want to roll’em, safety of flight comes first. Hold’em, extend them, let hem go to an alternate. With out block time’s or Center and sometimes Approach it’s difficult to control the flow on Exp, it’s hell on TS-1.
"Let them (Pilots) eat cake! They payed there money they take there chance.

(@Cpt_Chris… “Backlashed”. Bad attitude for a guy with lives in his hand)
@Dhops… As a Controller ya gotta tell Pilots there’s somebody right behind them on the down low… it’s not a given)

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You can have decent spacing but if a pilot is back taxing at 20knots you realise that it ends up being extremely close about time they have been cleared. On IF we are limited to regions so it’s not like we can have the ideal spacing to accommodate slow back taxiing, while it would be nice on IF, when busy under between 30-50 knots is far more ideal especially to prevent clear the backlog of aircraft.

@Chatta290…MaxSez: Standard IF Controller excuse, crowded skies. Hold’em, coordinate with Ground & Approach, extend them, 360the list goes on. If ya can’t hack the pace get out of the race.!

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