Back seat view

Is there anyway i can see the back seats in the cockpit ??


I think the maximum you can see are spinning the camera to the right as much as possible.

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What do you mean? The jumpseat?

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Exactly the jump seat

No, there isn’t. The only way would be to do it in free cam… I don’t see why you would do it though, lol

Nothing important
I just dropped my phone i wana get it lol

No really i just wana see the view from there on approach

You wanna see FROM the jumpseat?

Not a way, sorry.

Lmao i bet its just for those cool cockpit fotos😂😂


On the ground use free cam. During solo. Go into replay. Pause it. Then position the free cam where you want and take a screen shot. That will work for pics but no way to fly with it currently.

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