Back of A340 angled

I noticed the back end of the A340 was kind of inclined. Why is it like that. If anyone has ever ridden in the back of the A340 is it noticible from the back of the aircraft.

Most aircraft have this, helps to prevent tailstrikes. And no it isn’t noticable from in the cabin.

That’s true. It can seemed on a 737 and I think a Embraer.

Floor is high enough so that it is not interrupted by the sloping rear of the A340. I have not flown in an A340 but I would have heard or seen by now any anomaly/uniqueness in the aircraft’s interior design.

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Why is it less noticable on other aircraft like a 737 or 777

I can’t say for sure why it’s different for the 737/777 but I would assume that it has to do with what the designers envisioned when the plane was on the drawing board. I guess they wanted the A340 to have more clearance to rotate.