Back In Time! @KSAN

1) Background to the photos

Today, I took a trip back in time!

2) Detailed Flight Information including servers, time, route
Expert Server, 1000Z, KSAN-KSFO
3) Photos

It’s two generations of the same airline!

Goodbye, San Diego!

What’s this…A near-empty KLAX!

Welcome to the Central Valley!

Welcome to the Bay!


Hi, @Aquila! Thank you for taking a trip back in time!

So, that is your daily trip back in time! Enjoy it while you can; it will be gone soon!

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Which picture is your favorite? Tell me why below in the comments!

I like number 3, when you are flying over KLAX. Because seeing LAX empty is a rare sighting!

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That’s the wrong type of poll, but I like number 3 :)