Back in the Sky! Legal for 2 more years

Hello IFC,
This morning I did my Biennial Flight Review for my pilot certificate. Every 2 years, pilots that’s hold a private pilots certificate must get a flight review to stay current and to keep there knowledge up to date. This flight review usually consists of an hour flight and an hour of ground lesson. Today I got to do mine in N491SP a 1998 Cessna 172SP with a 180 HP fuel injected Lycoming engine. My instructor and I went over to a nearby airport and lake and did a set (2) steep turns, slow flight and a power on stall and power off stall. After that we went back home where my Rustiness showed as I went around on my first approach to landing but landed successfully my second time. After we landed and put the plane away, we went over some ground questions and sighted me off for 2 more years!

As always fill free to ask questions in the comments.


Here’s to 2 amazing years ahead🥂


Horry for N1DG. 🥳

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