Back in the 90's

Back in the 90’s

During the economic boom in the Japanese economy in the late 80’s through early 90’s, the Japanese aviation market thrived. But that economic boom didn’t last long. After the economic boom, a Japan went into a period of economic stagnation which is now known as the lost decade. Airlines also started to cancel routes due to the unprofitably. In this kind of economic situation Fukuoka, a city the comparably the size of Charlotte had a route which Delta operated a nonstop flight from Fukuoka to Portland, Oregon connecting on to Atlanta on a MD-11. Back then Delta had a hub in Portland, but now Portland lost it’s hub status. Currently, the only major sign of Portland’s former Delta hub status are a few cities in Europe and a flight to Tokyo. Fukuoka, now has almost no transcontinental flights. So, lets go back into the 90’s!

Flight Details

  • Aircraft: Delta MD-11
  • Flight Time: 9 hours and 20 minutes
  • Cruise Altitude: 37,000 ft

Took off Fukuoka, very short for a heavy MD-11

Fukuoka, Japan

Mountains of Washington State, Mt. Rainer

and Mt. St Helens (Learn more about it here)

Landed at Portland International Airport

These routes are forgotten, and I’d wish to see more historic routes being flown more frequently. They’re not just fun, but historic. I think we should discover the past of commercial aviation too.

I plan on flying this route again sometime later.


It’s beautiful!

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Mt St Helens is about to blow up it’s gonna be a fine swell day!


My. Saint Helens — it’s wonderful. Forget Mt. Rainer, it’s in every photo of Portland and Seattle. St. Helens is just as beautiful, even with the top blown off. Great photos!

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Those are scarily realistic I love it

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I like that video you linked lol

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You got a solar eclipse there?

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These are really amazing pictures😄

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Imma Bill Wurtz fan…

Mt Saint Helens is about to blow up its gonna be a fine swell day!

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I don’t know why but for some reason it looks ike one even though im pretty sure there was never one in Seattle

Love the pics, the sun and the mt are amazing together

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And what did you use to find out that the flight used to operate from PDX to Japan or do you have some superhuman powers

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Wow that’s A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

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Google and Wikipedia.

The Japanese are great with Wikipedia. Every airport in the country has a section that says past routes.

With google I got the exact callsign and aircraft. Use images to figure out even more information

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Nice aircraft, livery, landscapes and pictures indeed!

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Amazing photos! Keep it up :)

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