Back In Action @KATL (Part 2)

Hey everyone! Welcome to part two of my recent ATL adventures! Today I have nine photos of planes and one bonus photo!

Starting us off, here’s a FedEx 767 coming into Atlanta at sunset! This is one of my favorite backdrops to a photo!

Next up we have an Allegiant A320! This plane diverted to Atlanta after a man had a stroke during the flight. The flight departed later that night

Here’s one of my new favorite spotting locations featuring a Delta A320! This spot gives me JFK vibes just without the banking!

Next we have a Delta 767-300 on final with some cool looking clouds as the backdrop!

Now we are gonna get up close and personal with this Delta 757-200! I like the way the lighting from golden hour hit this aircraft!

Speaking of golden hour, here is a Delta A319 babybus coming in with some awesome lighting!

ATL has been getting some more A320neos recently thanks to Spirit! Love getting to see these around the engines are awesome on them!

For the final plane shot, here’s an Air France 787 on final showing off the Atlanta skyline behind it! This is my favorite place for spotting in all of Atlanta!

And finally, the bonus shot! Recently, I have gotten into lunar photography and this was the moon shot I took last night! This was my first time doing a handheld moon shot and I think it came out pretty good!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my topic! If you want to see more of my work you can follow my Instagram @jackson.aviation


Amazing, I mean stunning shots!

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Very, very nice. Beautiful shots!

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Thank you both!

Cool shots, cannot wait to fly in to ATL in a months time!

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Very nice shots!!

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What day and time? I may be able to catch your arrival!

March 29th, 5:32pm arrival and 7:57pm dep

April 4th 9:35pm arrival and 10:40pm dep (Obviously gonna be very dark)

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The first time I saw ATL without 100% DL aircraft.

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You gotta stick around for a little bit if you don’t want just Delta 😂

Thanks, I’ll see what I can do!

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You did an amazing job! Well done

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Thank you!

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