Back in Action @KATL (Part 1)

Hey everyone! This is part one of a two or three part series from ATL! I’ve still been spotting there every month I’ve just been less active here so this is part one of everything I haven’t posted!

Starting off, here’s an Alaska 737-800 with the special Hawaiian Lei Tail!

Next up, we have two shots with Delta’s brand new A220-300! I love the look of the Delta livery on this plane!

Next we have a Delta A350 shortly after it landed on its flight from South Korea! I believe this is the aircraft that now holds the special sticker

Heading to sunset, here’s one of my favorite Southwest specials: Tennessee One, coming in at golden hour!

Heading back to the A350, here’s a closeup and not closeup shot of the Delta A350 coming in at golden hour!

Next, we have one of my all time favorite photos I’ve taken, an Air France 787 coming in at golden hour!

Next, we have a FedEx 767 with the somewhat spotter famous Renaissance Hotel in the background! Can’t wait to be back here in just a few weeks!

And finally, here’s a Canyon Blue 737 on final! If you pay close attention to the aircraft in the maintenance hangar, you can see a 737 MAX winglet. There’s also a special livery there too, let’s see if anyone can figure out which one!

Thanks for stopping by! Part two should be up sometime in the next week! If you want to check out more of my work you can follow me on Instagram @jackson.aviation


Ohhhh boy these were crisp!

and first!


It was so beautiful the plane first top Alaska Airlines very awesome!! I had two times the plane for Alaska Airlines old livery with a Hawaiian Lei when last on December 24, 2007 HNL-SEA. And second Sunday, April 3, 2016 SEA-DCA last years ago.


Thats just lovely 😍 Glad to see you back!

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No can’t see the special livery

This lighting is so perfect! Awesome shots mate :)

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Indeed you can! Lovely job! Good amount of aircraft you saw it seems!


There is a hidden Special livery in this picture can you please spot it

Too bad discourse likes to compress them so now they all look like they were rendered from minecraft. 😒


tennessee one is absolutely beautiful. my favorite all time livery of any aircraft.


I don’t see a special livery. I see a Southwest 737-700, 737-800, Max8, Delta 767-400.

767-300 actually ;)

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The special is Florida One!!

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Where? Or was the plane formerly in the livery?

Bottom right corner

I don’t see anything…

It’s in between the wing and the stabilizer of the max! The white thing

I’ll have to take your word for it because I dont see it lol

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They used to operate the B777 and A388 to ATL but now they use the B787 and Nice pics

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A220 means I no like topicc. 😛

Lol just kidding. Amazing photos man!