Back Home In Tampa!

Around a week ago, I arrive home in Tampa on a Southwest flight from Indianapolis, Indiana. I took some amazing pictures while we were inbound, and decided I would like to share them!

Flight Number: WN4408/SWA4408
Aircraft: Boeing 737 MAX 8
Registration: N8730Q

Firstly, we got put into a holding pattern on FIX OLENE due to weather in Tampa. We were only holding for around 10-15 minutes.

After exiting the holding pattern, we flew westbound back over the Gulf of Mexico after passing Homosassa Springs!

Here, you can see some of the weather that just passed over Tampa further out over the Gulf.

In this image, we are passing the beautiful beaches of Clearwater!

Made sure I said hello to St. Petersburg while we were on left base RWY 01L.

There’s MacDill Air Force Base! Home of the 6 AMW and 927 ARW!

Touchdown in Tampa! Was welcomed home with a beautiful rainbow.

Hope you guys enjoyed my pictures!


That first photo is amazing! Great Photos!

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Awesome photos! Love SWA

I also got a rainbow shot a few weeks ago when I came home to Sarasota

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the last shot was my favorite with the rainbow! Awesome shots!


Amazing Pics!

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Awesome! I recently flew on a MAX as well! Great interior, and the mood lighting 🤤, I got to try the seat out for 4 hours too! (3 and a half of those hours sitting on the ground in Grand Rapids 💀). Hope you enjoyed as much as I did!

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Great photos. Thank you!


Hope you enjoyed IND ;) nice photos!!

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Awesome rainbow shot

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I flew on the Max two weeks ago

Lovely pictures

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Beautiful pictures! Happy anniversary :)

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Lots of legroom, very important for someone as tall as myself

I love Indiana, I’ve got family there

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