Back home at last!


After a very fun vacation in Florida, T1TAN returns to the skies performing a flight from Athens to Chicago with the American Airlines Boeing 787-9! Here, he’s on short final for runway 28C at ORD with a United 757 pulling up to its assigned gate as the moon shines above!

Expert Server time 7:35PM CST.


Great shot man! And welcome back

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Welcome back! Awesome shot, it’s hard to get a moon shot on the ground, and you did it great!

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Love every thing about dis pic great job @Andrewsonkin can’t wait what u have in store for us next!

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Dang! I might make those types of pictures sometime!

Amazing screenshot but man the nose of that 757 is so… I don’t even have a word to describe it. But ignoring the 757, great screenshot and welcome back! :)

You mean United 757 rocket ship? Lol 😂

The rocket! 🤣

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