Back from the Dead: South African Airways

South African Airways to start flying again next month.

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“The wait is finally over. In just under a month, the striking and familiar livery of SAA will once again be visible in the skies as the airline resumes operations,’’ the national carrier said in a statement this week.

South African Airways is set to resume flights from September 23, after remaining grounded for more than 15 months.

“After months of diligent work, we are delighted that SAA is resuming service and we look forward to welcoming on board our loyal passengers and flying the South African flag. We continue to be a safe carrier and adhering to COVID-19 protocols,” Interim CEO Thomas Kgokolo states.

The airline will initially operate flights from Johannesburg to Cape Town in South Africa, Accra in Ghana, Kinshasa in D.R. Congo, Harare in Zimbabwe, Lusaka in Zambia and Maputo in Mozambique. Kgokolo said SAA will add more routes when the airline “ramps up operations in response to market conditions.”

“There is a profound feeling of enthusiasm within Team SAA as we prepare for takeoff, with one common purpose – to rebuild and sustain a profitable airline that once again takes a leadership role among local, continental, and international airlines.”

I wish the SAA Team good luck and hope to see South African Aviation thrive once again.


This is great news!! First we got Jet Airways back and now we’re getting SAA back.

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We’re seeing many airlines making a comeback 👀

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As a South African myself, I’m pretty excited to see this! Best of luck to them!


Great to see that South African Airways will be starting operations next month. I would like to find out about fleet changes after the airline resumes its operations.

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meanwhile alitalia:

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I hope that’s the case. But congrats to SAA!

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SAA never shut down forever, it just stopped operations and declared bankruptcy, this was expected, anyways I hope they can get their airline back up.

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I heard they put some of their A340’s up for sale, as they might not go long haul for a long while.

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Looks like the nation’s low cost airlines are preparing for SAA’s comeback.

Another airline gets revived