Back from suspension (apologies)

So if you doesn’t like this close it.

I was suspended from Mar 16 and now I am free .
I want just to apologize for the bad service I did on the community those pasts days. It was because I was angry about how the forums changes and i really needed a sort of break but when you are a member of this fabulous community you just can’t stop going into it, it’s very difficult to refrain from coming to avoid stupidities like i did.

So I am now calm and I regret for all things i made wrong and all the negativity i showed and I really hope that you guys will understand and accept those apologies.

I am waiting for Global to start my new VA project, I will still continue flying TSK and I hope to share more news moments together.

I I am no Regular that’s because :
Didn’t read enough posts
Too many flags.

I will really try my best to bring myself back here in a better way.

Best warms regards


I accept your apologies , welcome back to the forum.


I don’t think this should stay in #general

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Welcome back - glad you were able to reflect on your mistakes and learn from it - that’s how one grows as an individual. Good job.


Someone edit the category

Good to hear. These are closed though as you know 🙂