Back country flying in Idaho

This is a video of back country flying in my home state, Idaho. The extremeness of the landing strip has caused he Forest service to seem it, emergencies only.


I’ve done some work in Salmon, just to the west of that strip. That is probably (IMO) one of the most beautiful places on the planet! Thanks for the video. Cool stuff. As soon as global comes out, i’m sure somebody will be trying to land a 777 there!


Ikr. I love Idaho. I’ve driven up to Salmon a few times and it’s just beautiful.


Really nice little town. There is a little diner in the middle of town that has the best breakfast in the world. I still have some friends that live there. I should go visit!

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Pretty sure I’ve been there lol. If I saw a picture is remember. Idaho City is where we used to go snowboarding and skiing. Lots of fun.(used to meaning we moved away from Idaho due to my parents work rip).


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