Back button on loading screen

Hey IFC,

I think it would be cool to have a back button located on the loading screen. Reasons are stated below.

Reasons we should have this:

Let’s say you want to change your airplane, but you are already on this loading screen:

Wouldn’t it be more convenient to create a “back” button instead of closing out the app and having to load it again?

Extra reason: Imagine you have signed up for an event on the IFC. You are just about to load in, you have the right aircraft and gate, but at the last second you realize that you set it to the wrong server. I think it would be easy to use a “back” button instead of leaving the app completely.

Thank you, and please vote if you think we need this!

if I’m allowed for my opinion. I think this feature is not needed at the moment. it may be easy to implement but we really don’t need it. I understand it’s more convenient but exiting the app is fine as well. I do see your points and you do make good points.


thank you for the feedback!

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You’ve got my vote, it’s frustrating when I want to cancel my flight before spawning in.

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Thank you!

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I’ll consider it, even though it would be my last vote…

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Ok thank you :D

Remember, you can always clear up votes :)

Love the idea I do this all the time whether it’s a wrong aircraft, airport, gate, or server. It’s always great remembering right as it loads up haha. You have my support but it’s nothing I’m going to vote for at this time due to it being minor.

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thanks for the support!

it happened yet again to me today lol

This is very unlikely to happen since there’s a lot going on during the loading screen to cancel half way through. It’s not common behaviour for other games either.

The easiest way is to just end your flight right after loading has finished. The second load should be quicker then since scenery is cached :)

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