Back Button Issue


I have been facing issues with pressing the back button on the IFC.

More specifically, when I right click the back button I usually get the option to see all the topics I have recently viewed. However, sometimes it appears as if the IFC messes this up.

For example, I might be reading a General topic when I want to go back and see a Screenshots and Videos topic that I viewed 5 minutes ago. Then, the IFC will instead take me to a Support topic that I visited between the two other topics.

This gets annoying sometimes as once I get sent to the wrong page I cannot see the topic that I actually want to go to in either the back button or forward button, and I have to manually search it up.

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so you go to Screenshots and Videos then Support then General then backtrack to got to Screenshots and Videos but end up going to Support?

I’m not talking about clicking the back button, as in, you go back one page.

Instead, if you right click the back button (at least on Google Chrome) then you get like a mini web history of the 10 most recent pages you viewed.

My issue is that the IFC messes this order up. Maybe I want to go six pages back but the IFC takes me five pages back instead.

just press it again? I think there may be lag between interface and website potentially?

Spamming the back button is alright when I’m on my strong computer but my smaller laptop could take up to 3 minutes to go back 10 pages.

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don’t spam, tyr to slowly go through, or I guess try to wait it out, I’m in the same predicament, so I dunno what to do.

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