Back at the Airport | Munich, May 03/06, 2020

Hey there once again!

It’s been close to two month since I last posted here due to obvious reasons. With regulations in Germany becoming less restrictive again, spotting is possible again, however, traffic in Munich is extremely low at the moment. As a consequence this topic sums up the two trips I did to the the airport in the last seven days.
The first trip was on last sunday, when Lufthansa operated their flights with A319s instead of the CRJs used during the week. This gave me the chance to finally get a shot of their LU livery in the new colors.

Overall, the sunday trip wasn’t that satisfying picture-wise unfortunately. Clouds ruined half of the movements (which were less than ten anyway), but at least a distance shot of Uzbekistan Airlines’ Boeing 767F inbound from Tashkent worked. Like many movements, this is a temporary “Corona service” bringing goods from China.

Not only foreign airlines do freight flights to Munich though. Lufthansa performs two daily cargo flights from China using their A350s. Their first A350 landed into the descending sun while I was chilling on a new hill with my good friend Patrick at the southern runway as one of the last planes to use that runway for the month of May, since it is closed for constructions for three weeks.

Unlike its sister XA, XN isn’t as lucky and is currently sitting on the ground at Munich’s deicing pad waiting for an end of the current crisis.

Let’s jump right to Wednesday though. With another special announced, I left work a bit earlier and arrived right in time for our regular cargo flight from Paris. Since I arrived only moments before the landing I only made it to the visitor hill, resulting in the nice backdrop of the city of Freising but quite some heat haze in the pic.

A not as regular freighter arrived…no, not from Reykjavik but from Shanghai. For at least 45 days, Icelandair is performing daily all-cargo flights on a PVG-MUC-KEF routing for the logistics company DB Schenker. For that reason, seats have been removed from the 767s used and stickers have been applied.

The main reason for my visit that day, however, was Etihad Cargo’s 777F inbound from Shanghai via Abu Dhabi. Usually, the airline doesn’t serve Munich, which isn’t a big hub for cargo anyway.

After this “inbound rush”, there was some time to kill before all the planes were set to depart again, so I decided to check out the empty terminals in Munich which was quite a strange feeling. I took some pictures I might share in another topic later, such as this slightly different perspective of Munich’s ATC tower.

After the little terminal visit, I went back to my bike and quickly visited the aircraft parked at the Terminal 1 ramp, such as Condor’s A320 D-AICK.

After positioning myself at the runway again, I got another nice shot of our Icelandic visitor departing for its home base in nice evening light.

A sadder sight was this beauty. Just like its A380s, Lufthansa is also sending the A340-600 fleet into deep storage at Teruel (Spain) and it’s unsure if they will return. At the moment the only certain thing is that they won’t be part of the fleet for 1.5 years or longer but I hope that at least some will return again. D-AIHI will leave Munich in the next few days, so this shot taken after an engine test might be one of the last pictures of the plane for a long time.

In the evening light, a slightly smaller jet left Munich again: FAI Ambulance’s Learjet 60 took off in front of the Satellite terminal, which will probably be closed until the end of the year due to the low demand at the moment.

After using 08L for the entire day, ATC switched operations to 26R for the last landing we caught. Qatar’s 777 performing another cargo flight using a passenger plane touched down a few minutes after sunset, giving us a chance to practice our panning skills again.

Hope you enjoyed this little comeback after quite a while! I really hope I can get to the airport for more pics and more special and regular movements again soon!

My Equipment:

Canon EOS 80D
Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II USM (99% of pics)
Canon EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS (for the 1% of the cases where I need a wide angle lens)

You can follow me on twitter and Instagram to get more shots on a daily basis. Also, keep your eyes open on Flightradar24 where you might see some of my recent shots.


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Nice to see you back! Loved the first picture and the Lufthansa A340

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That’s hot. Well done as usual

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Glad to see you back out at the airport again, these are definitely just…no words can explain how good they are.

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I’ll post a spotting topic tomorrow…

He said two days ago 😂

Better late than never, some great shots…


If you know you know


Unfortunately I still have to work and don’t have school canceled for ages or something like that haha

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Dude, that FedEx is poppin

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I’ve never heard of that first livery but it looks really nice!

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The mighty Moritz is back, with awesome photos just like always! Great job there.

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Sickkkkkkkk pan on that Qatar. 1/60?

Also this is like 13 photos you criminal

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Oh, nice pics Moritz!

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Wow, love the A350. Sad to see it grounded😔

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Those are some nice photos!


Awesome photos mate, they are beautiful. Nice work!

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Great Shots 👍

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Nice to see Germany relaxing its restrictions. Great shots @Moritz!

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Great pictures! Glad to see some spotting again. That Qatar 777 is really nice! Hope we see that A340 in the air after COVID-19…

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I think it was 1/40 but I wouldn’t be able to tell you without checking it on my laptop again 👀

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At least it will take off again for sure, I’m more worried about the 340s and 380s at this time 👀😅

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