Back at it again

Hey guys. I haven’t been acting in flying on infinite flight recently because of depression and mental health issues causing suicidal thoughts. But for now I’m back up and running and I’m going to hit the expert servers soon :)


I’m glad your recovering from that! Infinite Flight can be overwhelming and it’s completely fine to take a break! PM me if you want to talk (we made one already I believe 😂). Welcome back!

Welcome back!!! Glad you are fine and healthy. I myself have had serious bouts with depression, therapy has helped me a lot to get back on my feet. But been part this community has helped me as well.

Glad to see you back! So sorry to hear about what’s happened. Glad your back on your feet! My PM box is always open if you want to fly or chat sometime.

Welcome back, @Winkie_Ciel_Skylar!

I’ve been down the same path, so, please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you need any help.

See you around! ✈️

Welcome back @Winkie_Ciel_Skylar
Sorry to learn of your issues but glad you are back here on IFC flying online; hope to see you in the skies pretty soon!
Like the above posts, feel free to PM if you want to chat about anything😎

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Welcome back! We’re glad that you’ve decided to rejoin us. As with all other returning/leaving topics this topic was put under a 60 minute timer. If you ever need someone to talk to, simply reach out to anyone of us on the community. Mods, staff, other community members, we’re all one big family here and our ears are all yours. Thanks and we’ll see ya around! 🙂