Back at it again!

Hey. I’m starting IF again soon. I read the new violation list, is there anything else I should be updated with? When I join again now through my old account, will my grade be the same or will it change(Flying again after 3-4 months). Thanks :))

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Welcome back!

Your grade will be different due to the new grade table that came with 20.1 that requires 90 landings in 30 days to maintain your grade

Welcome back! Regarding your question to grades, you will have dropped a few due to your monthly landings going down significantly. I’d recommend watching through some tutorials in the community to get brushed up on your knowledge again :)

Will have to carry out 90 landings with 172 then! Thanks

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Oh. Thanks :))


You are welcome to check out the flying guide here as it gives really good tips on how to use some new systems such as the APU that was added in 20.1

Also, the 777-200ER underwent a rework and DeerCrusher made a great tutorial for the new landing and takeoff profiles here if you would like to check that out.

For other aircraft, you can access this topic here

Hope this helps!


That’s so helpful. Thanks :)

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It’s 15 landings in 90 days lol

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