Back At It Again @KPHX Part 2! *Redemption*

Alright everyone! Here is part 2! If you want the original thread, it is located Here!
Anyway, I have a bunch more pictures from went I went spotting again to watch the Atlas 747 takeoff with the AZ Cardinals! So here we go!

Volaris A320N from Guadalajara

Double crossing

Smoky SWA

An unexpected KC-135 Tanker

Another SWA Landing

Here she is!

And there she goes! (I have a video I might upload later)

Finishing off with a boop

That’s it for now! Thanks for stopping by at part 2! Part 1 is listed above! Have a great day!


Oh wow, I love these! Awesome shots!


Amazing photos!

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Thank you both so much @Oskapew and @MJP_27!


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