Back At It Again @KPHX (Feat Atlas Air)

Hey guys! So today was a special day at Phoenix Sky Harbor! We were getting a 747 again! The last Phoenix got a 747 was a few months ago when a National Air 747 came in from Frankfurt. But today this plane is taking the Arizona Cardinals to San Francisco to play the 49ers! And I got a bunch of other pictures as well! Because I have so many, and I have the 747 takeoff and landing, I will probably make 2 or 3 topics. So stay tuned!

Anyway here we go!

Starting off with Scout the Pine Marten!

Next a double SWA

Then a Prime Air 767 crossing the bridge

Next up a tiny CRJ-700 off to Houston Intercontinental

Next an American A321NX off to somewhere

One of the reasons I came to spot today was this Alaska 737-900 without winglets!

Now we have a SWA! What would my topic be without one? Or two… or three…

The beast arrives! Sorry about the bad quality you can click on the picture and zoom in if you want. It landed far away from me.

Here she is a bit closer. This big bird sounded amazing and took the entire runway to stop!

And finally, a Delta 757 off to JFK. So glad we started getting passenger 757s again!

Thanks for stopping by! Part 2 will come tomorrow! If anyone wants to see more pictures, please PM me! I have about 20 more I couldn’t post.

Please let me know how I did and what I can do to get better!

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Have a great day!



@GlobalFlyer1 there’s the plane


Yessir! I made 2 separate trips to watch it land and depart!

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Nice photos! Hope you stay safe from the fires :)

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Thank you! Phoenix doesn’t have any fires currently but we’re getting a lot of smoke from the ones in California.

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I inserted a poll! Please rate them!

Cool pictures!

Big to the thanks to the yous!

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Hey, you found N303AS, the one without the winglets! Rare sight that one is, love the 737 without winglets but with eyebrows.

Great spotting!

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Nice shots! Those pics are so clear!

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I saw that 757 over my house since they JFK arrival always pass over at 23k feet

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Thank you! It’s been coming regularly into PHX for a week now!

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thank you so much!

@DanyyRude thats cool! We get arrivals in the morning for PHX right over our house too!


All super pretty shots! I had no idea that a 739 without winglets was even a thing!

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Those photos are absolutely stunning! I love the 737 concept “test” plane! I caught her before she was painted :)

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Thank you! Yeah its apparently the prototype 737-900 so it’s kinda cool!

thank you so much! It was a very cool plane to watch and climbed out fast!

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