Back at it again at Krispy Kreme- i mean Bali


i can’t bother to copy my entire template so ill only bring the important stuffs

image Time and Date Last Sunday

image Country Indonesia to Bali

image Servers Expert

we also did some cool formation stuff with me, @Noodle_Duck and @AarkonTV so if you want more shots of those let me know below


These are all unedited so please rate them a 10/10 because i can assure you these are quite cash money and has passed the vibe check.

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also the answer to the last one was Canadian-Guyanese-Bermudian, so congrats to @NoahM, @ILOVE7879-2.0, @AZ001 and @Olivier999 for being smart, now if you excuse me i must now hide as I fear about how much more they know of me


Nice shots mate! I have to ask, how was the landing, smooth or hard?

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Wow, amazing shots! That first one almost looked hypnotising…

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While I can not assure you that it was smooth, I can reassure you it was under -50 FPM and the passengers necks did not snap.

Thank you Quantas.

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I guess that’s a positive thing…



It was actually just a guess

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Thanks @Rian16!

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here watch it i even turned on audio it’s a bit quiet idk why so turn up the volume

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Bruh I was on full volume, and then it just blasted my speakers in the last seconds

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I was wondering if someone would fall for the trap 😜

Hol up, don’t tell me you did that purposely? lmao

😳😉 teehee

It’s Starz, what else did you expect?

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Haha I mean that’s fax tho

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Mate, i was sitting downstairs with some family😂

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Yikes. Didn’t read it and thought you asked which picture was the best, that’s why I clicked 1 🥴.

Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing!

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Mate, you know you can change it haha

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just click show vote, and you can vote again

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bali is pretty much paradise

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it’s not just a paradise, It is the paradise

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